Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chef Jason's Triple C Frog Legs

Chef Jason's Triple C Frog Legs

Triple C Frog Legs mean Cajun/Cranberry/Candied Frog Legs.  It's a super twist on a hot wing with a super savory, sweet and spicy sauce!

You obviously have to have some nice frog legs (hippity, hoppity into my belly)!

 The sauce was just a crazy idea I came up with.  I first made a reduction using 8 ounces of fresh cranberries with sugar, white cooking wine, water, Cajun seasoning and crushed red chillies. 

The next step was to put it in the Ninja till it was a puree.  Then I added butter and Louisiana hot sauce and reduce it a second time.  Sweet and hot and savory all at the same time, great home made wing sauce... Or in this case frog sauce ;)

I also made a cheesy orecchiette pasta with sauteed mushrooms, garlic, chives and asparagus to go with it.

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