Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chef Jason's Celebration of Freshness and more (Long John Silvers can do Fish and MORE I can do this!

Chef Jason's Celebration of Freshness

Fresh herbs, fresh fruit, fresh veggies????  What?  You can get a can or a frozen bag (Ok I cheated those are frozen Brussels sprouts) but the point is that all of the fresh herbs you see, plus the butternut squash was all fresh, hand chopped by me.  I put my heart and soul into every dish I make and even though my presentation here is way too busy, I'm proud of it!  The flavors were amazing.

On another note I went out to eat at a very upscale restaurant.  I ordered appetizers to the tune of a crab dip with chips, way too much dill in it, no tangy element, really wasn't that good so I tried the second one I'd ordered..... Oh my god, heaven help me in the top five best things I've ever eaten, the Ahi tuna was perfectly rare served with red and green bell peppers, red onions and a ranch dressing drizzle.... Immaculate, the perfect dish!  I was really pushing the boundaries so I tried the pan seared sea scallops over an American style Kim chi.  Chef Jason (not me that's who cooked this dish) nailed it once again, the scallops were perfectly seared and amazing!  The American Kim Chi left a little to be desired in my opinion, but once again I'm testing my pallet every day, are you?  If not drop me a line and I'll tell you how to get the most out of the least, cooking is all about you, what do "you" like and how would you like to push that envelop completely over the edge?