Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chef Jason's Awesome Lunch meat w/ the help of Chef Robert

First off, Robert Irvine deserves the credit for most of the rub, I did modify it slightly, I added some herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary and Oregano, that's about the only difference here.  The other difference is I did it with a pork loin instead of ribs as a gastronomical science project to test my limits as a chef.

I wanted to do a great BBQ beef sandwich but I didn't want it falling apart, pulled pork this time.  So I used his crazy idea of slow cooking in the overn at 225 degrees F "wrapped in plastic". for 2 hours on a pork loin instead of the ribs. Now I have my own home made lunch meat!

Let it cool for 2 hours after pulling it out pf the oven and then slice it.  You can use this for any sandwich you want or use it with some gravy and potatoes.  The juiciness, tenderness and flavor are out of this word.

Thank you Chef Robert for the inspiration to create this dish!

Till Next Time,