Friday, January 8, 2016

It's 2016

2016 kick off

Well all it's 2016 and so to kick it off I'm gong to be bringing you details on home wine making, beer and hard cider.  I'm still working on this and although simple I've drank better ;)

I also have challenges ahead of me such as "better smoking, grilling and the BRAND new the art of 


 There is no need for anyone to go hungry there is always something out there even in the dead of winter!  Grow YOUR Own!  Our ancestors done so and so can "YOU"!

 Go fishing, hunting and foraging with Chef Jason, we're gong to take into the wild and we're going to cook up some delicious dishes that although take a lot of work, wield serious rewards.

from Mitake to Deer necks, from kung pao chicken to the best soup beans you'll ever eat, from corn bread to sour dough, from wine to beer, let's just say it's going to be a good "YEAR".

Remember "You grow it, you hunt it, you find it, you harvest it, "YOU" cook it. 



"This is the path to truly good food".

 Till then,