Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chef Jason's Cherry Wood Smoked Pork Shoulder

Chef Jason's cherry wood smoked pork shoulder.



This one is tough and I don't mean as in chewing it, it's a matter of time. You're looking at 2-3 days to make one of these so don't take it lightly. One day to defrost if you have frozen it, one day to let it set in the dry rub. I use some vinegar and olive oil with slits cut in the shoulder, in this case I used rice wine vinegar. The rub is marjoram, salt, pepper, seasoned salt, brown sugar, white sugar, garlic and plenty of smoked Spanish paprika and dried parsley. I'll let this set this way for one more day in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap and then the cherry wood smoke comes next so STAY TUNED,
And till next time,
Chef Jason Blevins